Friday, June 27, 2008

A List Of 10 Things Most Americans Do Not Know About John McCain

Do you think that you know enough about John McCain to vote for him?

If you are like most Americans, there is quite a bit you may not know:

#1) Fellow captives report that nobody ever SAW McCain being tortured by the Vietnamese, and the Vietnamese officer who ran the prison where McCain was held said that they never tortured McCain:

#2) Fellow captives report that McCain started spilling his guts to the Vietnamese as soon as he was brought in because he was so scared.

#3) He was so cooperative with the Vietnamese that they call him the "Songbird".

#4) John McCain made anti-American broadcasts for the Vietnamese.

#5) John McCain admits that when he came back from Vietnam he ran around cheating on his disabled wife:

#6) John McCain then divorced his disabled wife and married his current rich wife a couple months later with whom he was already having an ongoing relationship.

#7) McCain claims to be against abortion, but he was pro-choice in the 2000 election, and even in this election he says that he is against overturning Roe v. Wade anytime in the foreseeable future. Apparently the ongoing killing of about a million babies a year is just fine with McCain.

#8) McCain is in favor of "civil unions" for gay couples which would give them all the rights and all the benefits of a real marriage.

#9) McCain admitted recently that he is in favor of gay marriage ceremonies as long as they aren't considered "official" by the government as "official" marriages.

#10) Vietnam veterans identify John McCain as the number one person in Congress who is blocking their efforts to get information and action on the POWs who are still left behind in Vietnam. What is McCain trying to cover up?

After learning the facts about McCain, how can any American EVER vote for him?

This video has even more information:

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