Saturday, July 26, 2008

Has Barack Obama's Half-Brother Confirmed That Obama Was Raised As A Muslim?

A number of bloggers are claiming that Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, has publicly confirmed that Barack Obama was raised as a Muslim.

The stunning photo posted below apparently shows Malik and Barack Obama in Muslim dress during a 1985 gathering. This would have been when Barack Obama would have been about 24 years old:

Malik Obama said in an interview that even though Barack was raised Muslim that he would still be a great president for the United States.

This comes at a time when the Obama campaign is trying to do whatever it can to deny that Obama was born a Muslim and raised a Muslim.

You can read more of this story at the Israel Insider website.

Former law professor and author Andy Martin, the author of the new book "Obama: The Man Behind the Mask", is one of the people who are absolutely adamant that Obama is lying about his past, and he says that he can prove it in a court of law:

"I challenge Senator Obama to sue me for defamation if he truly wants to perpetuate the myth that he had no ties to the Muslim religion. I will waive all of the traditional First Amendment defenses ("Public figure," "actual malice," etc.) and will interpose only one defense in support of my claims: truth".

You can read much more about Andy Martin's extraordinary claims regarding Obama in this article.

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  1. Oh, how sad is this? This whole Malik-story-in-the-Jerusalem-Post story was discredited so long ago, it's ridiculous! Can't you stay more current with your unjustified smears? Obama's brother never said that; it was the reporter that THOUGHT that's what Malik was saying, but other reporters heard the interview tape and pointed out to him his error, and he retracted the whole business.

    Besides, how would Malik have any idea how Barack was raised, since he never met him until Barack was, what, 24?

    Isn't it time you found something new to bitch about in your sad little blog?

    And Andy Martin is certifiable: the state of Illinois refused to grant him a license to practice law because of his mental instability. Look it up.