Sunday, August 24, 2008

If You Have Been Supporting George W. Bush You Owe America An Apology - Bush Is NOT A Conservative & Has Been Promoting An Anti-Christian Agenda!

Let me ask you a question.

Have you been supporting George W. Bush throughout his presidency?

If you have, you owe everyone in America an apology. Bush has been doing terrible things, and the world will blame us for his evil deeds!

"Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt 7:16)

So you are a Christian and you support Bush and the use of torture.....

Let me ask you.....does this look "Christian" to you?:

Are you still not convinced? Read the following article and then tell me how we are doing the "right thing" by torturing people:

What about the "war on terror" itself?

Do you think that Jesus would use depleted uranium weapons which kill and cripple our own troops and turn babies into twisted freaks of nature?

I challenge anyone to look at these pictures and then post in the comments section about how "moral" this war is:

I also challenge you to go read the following article and then explain to us how supporting this war and killing our own troops with depleted uranium is "supporting the troops".....

Even after everything so far, you still support Bush? How are these things about Bush Christian?:

Bush is a member of the Satanic Skull & Bones Society:

President Bush's Gay/Lesbian policies are identical to Clinton's:

President Bush Worships in Muslims Mosques and Buddist Temples:

Bush says the Muslim God and the Christian God are the same thing:

Bush INCREASED funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion mills:

In addition, President Bush has set up a Nazi police state which he will hand over to the next president. When that boot is on your neck, remember that it was Bush that set this all up.

So after reading all of this, can you still support President George W. Bush?

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  1. This is complete BS. Anyone can make up any crap about anyone they want, put it on the web, and let it be out there for stupid people to believe. Barack Obama is Muslim and won't take the oath of office on the bible if elected.
    It's crap. I don't care if he would take the oath of office on the Bible or Quran. For all I care, the next president can take the oath of office on the toilet! It doesn't matter. There's a lot of crap about everyone, and there is no reason to attack the president for nothingness.

    Liberals say the deficit is too big. I say if Al Gore got elected, 911 would still have happened, 2000 some people would still have died, and the roles would be reversed. A deficit is inevitable, unless of course we would stop all forms of air travel, which would have a HUGE effect on global warming. And if you believe in global warming, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.