Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain Never Tortured? The Top Vietnamese Officer In The Prison Where John McCain Was Held As A POW: "I Can Confirm To You That We Never Tortured Him"

Could it be possible that John McCain was never tortured by the Vietnamese?

BBC News recently conducted a great interview with Tran Trong Duyet, a retired Vietnamese military officer.

Tran Trong Duyet was the head of the infamous Hoa Lo prison which was the prison where presidential candidate John McCain claims that he was brutally beaten and tortured during five and a half years as an American POW during the Vietnam War.

What Tran Trong Duyet told BBC News directly contradicts what John McCain has told American voters.

Here are two of Duyet's shocking statements from the interview:

"But I can confirm to you that we never tortured him. We never tortured any prisoners."

"He lies to American voters in order to get their support for his presidential election."

And Duyet is not alone in these assertions. None of his fellow POWs ever saw McCain tortured, and most of them are hopping mad at him as you can see from the YouTube clip posted below:

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