Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Top 10 Most Shocking Obama Pictures Of All Time

Posted below are some pictures of Barack Obama or about Obama's life that many of you have NEVER seen before.

The news media has tried very hard to minimize negative coverage of Barack Obama during this campaign.

Is that anyway to run a democracy?

What about freedom of information?

Thank goodness for the internet!

Now, let's get on with the pictures......

#1) This is the original picture of Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim that caused so much of a fuss during the primaries. But don't worry.....Obama is not a Muslim.

#2) Pictured below is Barack Obama campaigning for Raila Odinga. Barack Obama's Cousin, Raila Odinga, Is A Communist Muslim Who Planned To Implement Sharia Law In Kenya If He Was Elected.

#3) Posted below is a picture of Obama with his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Obama was originally, born in Hawaii.....errr.....wait.....we are not really sure, because the birth certificate posted below the picture of him and his mother (and claimed by the Obama campaign as legitimate) has been certified by document experts as a fraud. The birth certificate actually is a forgery and has the name of his half-sister on it. So where was Obama REALLY born?:


#4) Below is a picture of Obama on his trip to Africa campaigning with a bunch of radical Muslims. But don't worry.....Obama is NOT a Muslim.

#5) Obama addressing a Muslim crowd with a Muslim headdress on.....but once again.....NOT a Muslim.

#6) Obama showing his patriotism. But once again.....DON'T WORRY.

#7) Obama with his virulently un-American mentor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright. If you don't know about Wright's hatred of America you need to watch this YouTube video:


#8) No, Obama is not a radical Communist extremist.....he is Superman!

#9) The Shocking Photo Of The Hindu God That Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Carries Around For "Good Luck".
#10) Barack Obama To Accept A 2 Foot Tall Gold Plated Hindu God Named Hanuman From Hindu Priests In India. Yes, it is actually true.

So are you worried yet?

Perhaps you should be.


  1. Obama's mother's original Social Security Number Application


  2. #5: Uh.. MUSLIM College? I hope you realize this is fake.

  3. Wait I am confused is he a Communist Atheist, a Muslim, a Baptist, or a Hindu? All these pictures are pretty damming that he has some sort of religion (or not)!!!!
    Why don't you publish a picture proving that he is possibly black since that is all you are actually afraid of.

  4. These pictures are just an attempt to spread hate due to some individual's racism and or prejudice. This is America, and it's okay for someone to believe in whatever religion they choose. Besides, those pictures are clearly manipulated and doctored. Who cares about some fake, out-of-context pictures of a great man who I hope will become president of this nation in need.

  5. OH Flickster! Burn man! Your right!

  6. Is this satire? Please tell me this is satire. No one means it when they post an attack that's this ignorant, do they?

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