Friday, September 26, 2008

The Latest Polls Show Obama Is Kicking McCain's Rear

The latest polls are out, and the news does NOT look pretty for John McCain:

The Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll for Friday shows Barack Obama with 50% of the voters behind him while John McCain has just 45%. has updated the electoral map, and according to their results, Obama would get 286 electoral votes if the election was held today, and McCain would only get 252.

A new Detroit Free Press-WDIV survey shows Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican John McCain in Michigan by 13 percentage points.

That latest CNN poll has Obama at 51 nationwide and McCain at 46 percent nationwide.

In the latest FOX News Poll, Obama has reclaimed the lead over McCain 45% to 39%.

Time magazine is reporting that Obama is gaining significant ground in swing states.

So what does this all mean? It means that if the election was held today we would be congratulating President Obama. However, there are still 3 presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate to go, so things could still change.

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