Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Major Revelation About Barack Obama But The Republicans Seem Resigned To Defeat

More Problems For Obama?

*An old newspaper proves that Obama belonged to a socialist political party. But do the American people even care?

*Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle has put Barack Obama's birth certificate under seal and has instructed the Hawaii's Department of Health to make sure that nobody in the press gets access to the original document under any circumstances. What in the world are they trying so hard to hide?

*Joe Biden to his supporters: "Gird your loins" - what does he mean by that?

Are The Republicans Resigned To Defeat?

*It now appears that the Republican party has realized that it will lose the presidential race and is now turning their efforts towards saving some of their seats in congress.

*John McCain is reportedly losing his temper with his defeatist aides. Well, it seems as though they only have a few more days to endure his wrath.

*Many conservative Republicans fear that a Barack Obama victory in the election would turn America sharply to the left.

More Vote Flipping?

*Even more West Virginia voters are claiming that voting machines are flipping their votes. If Obama loses the election, will voting machines be blamed?

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