Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barack Obama's Socialist Proposals

Sometimes it is hard to figure out who the bigger socialist is - McCain or Obama.

However, for the moment we will focus on Obama

Investor's Business Daily recently had a great article about the socialism that Barack Obama plans to introduce. According to IBD, Obama's socialist proposals include:

• "Universal," "guaranteed" health care.

• "Free" college tuition.

• "Universal national service".

• "Universal 401(k)s" (in which the government would match contributions made by "low- and moderate-income families").

• "Free" job training (even for criminals).

• "Wage insurance" (to supplement dislocated union workers' old income levels).

• "Free" child care and "universal" preschool.

• More subsidized public housing.

• A fatter earned income tax credit for "working poor."

• And even a Global Poverty Act that amounts to a Marshall Plan for the Third World, first and foremost Africa.

At first blush that can sound great to a lot of people.

But where will all that money come from?

Will we pay higher taxes?

Will we go into even more debt?

If Obama becomes president we will probably find out the answers.....

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