Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Desperate Obama Opponents Throwing Up "Hail Marys"

With each passing day, the inevitability of an Obama presidency seems clearer, and with each passing day the opponents of Barack Obama become more desperate. It appears clear at this point that McCain will not be able to win a legitimate victory in this election. Even the latest Fox News poll has Obama up by 9 points.

So now Obama's opponents are coming up with "other strategies" for defeating Obama:

Hail Mary #1 - Lawsuits Challenging Obama's Eligibility To Run

There have been multiple lawsuits filed that are challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to run for president. These lawsuits, most prominently the one filed by Philip Berg, claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is thus not a natural born American citizen. These suits had been ignored by the media for the most part, but now desperate right wing news sites are picking up on the story:

Hail Mary #2 - John McCain Brings Up Nuclear War

John McCain is seeming increasingly desperate in the closing days of this campaign. Now McCain has brought up the specter of "nuclear war" in an attempt to scare voters away from Obama:,25197,24537233-2703,00.html

Hail Mary #3 - Vote Fraud

Perhaps the most disturbing "Hail Mary" that Obama's opponents could introduce into the game is vote fraud. But it looks like it might already be starting. There are reports of vote fraud and election fraud benefitting McCain from early voting in West Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado and other swing states:

Hail Mary #4 - ACORN

There are new reports that "thousands and thousands" of phony voter registrations were submitted by ACORN. The Republicans are desperate to link this troubled organization to Obama:

Hail Mary #5 - Bill Ayers

The right wing is so incredibly desperate that they are now even trying to claim that terrorist Bill Ayers played a substantial role in the writing of Barack Obama's memoir, "Dreams From My Father":

As this election season draws to a close things are getting dirtier - but fortunately we only have to put up with this nonsense for two more weeks.

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