Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reports Of Substantial Election Problems Are Already Emerging

Reports Of Election Problems

*Problems with electronic voting are already being reported early today in many of the battleground states.

*Police in Ohio are gearing up for potential riots. Do they know something that we don't? Is this normal procedure?

*Check out this excellent article posted on Truthout: "Is the Election About to Be Stolen in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Elsewhere?"

*Fox News is reporting that intimidation tactics, missing ballots and faulty machinery are plaguing voters around the United States.

Election Day Notes

*The world has no vote, but if they did, they would overwhelmingly vote in Obama.

*Barack Obama is opposing the anti-gay marriage ballot measures across the United States.

*This next story is a bit crazy, but it is apparently true - among the voters who have shown up to vote at Shoesmith Elementary School this morning, where Barack Obama will vote today, are these two friends of Obama: Louis Farrakhan and William Ayers.

*The worship and adoration of Obama is reaching a fever pitch as we get to election day.

Headed Towards Socialism?

*No matter who is elected today, the U.S. economy is apparently headed towards a socialist path.

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