Friday, December 5, 2008

Barack Obama Is Bringing Radical Leftists Into His Administration

While some of Barack Obama's foreign policy appointments have pleased Republicans, many of his other appointments are revealing his radical far left agenda.

For example, Barack Obama has selected Ellen Moran, the executive director of an abortion activist group known as "EMILY's List" to be his White House communications director.

The "EMILY" in EMILY’s List stands for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”, and that organization has raised many millions of dollars for radically pro abortion political candidates.

For Obama to appoint the head of such an organization to such a prominent position shows exactly where he stands once again.

Now Barack Obama is appointing Cecilia Munoz, the senior vice president of La Raza, as the new director of intergovernmental affairs.

La Raza is a radical leftist group that actively promotes illegal immigration. In fact, Munoz rejects that idea of calling the legalization of illegal immigrants "amnesty" because according to her that word "conveys a sense of forgiving someone for a crime." Apparently she does not believe that it is a crime for people to come into the United States illegally.

But it isn't just Barack Obama's administration that is becoming radically liberal.

Richard Cizik, the chief lobbyist and vice president for governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals now says that he is "shifting" on gay marriage and that he believes in homosexual civil unions.


Are there any true conservatives left out there anymore?

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