Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barack Obama Wants College Football Playoffs And So Do I

Finally we have a president that understands this very important issue. Barack Obama is once again calling for college football playoffs, and this should be one issue that almost ALL Americans can get behind him on.

"If I'm Utah, or if I'm USC or if I'm Texas, I may still have some quibbles," Obama said recently when asked about Florida's win in the national championship game. "That's why we need a playoff."

The truth is that it is darn well time that American college football fans start demanding the end of this ridiculous BCS system and start insisting on a college football playoff system for Division 1.

And I am a University of Florida graduate who is saying this.

I am thrilled that they won the national championship.

But this system is simply not right, and it massively short changes the fans.

So it is time to boycott the bowls next season.

When attendance and viewership drop off sharply, perhaps then the major college football programs will realize that American college football fans are sick and tired of the annual "BCS Mess".

The only good thing that is going to come out of the Texas/Oklahoma travesty this year is that it will draw attention to how horrible the BCS is.

Texas and Oklahoma had identical records and Oklahoma lost to Texas on a neutral field. Texas also had a tougher schedule.

And yet Oklahoma jumped over Texas when they both won their last game?

But the even more ridiculous result this past college football season was this - Utah won all of their games this year and they had absolutely ZERO chance of even getting into the national championship game.

How would you like to win all of your games and never have a chance to even play for the title?

How fair is that?

How long are we going to allow computers and polls to pick a champion?

Each year there is a BCS mess and each year it makes most of us increasingly sicker and more disgusted.

And how hard would it be to implement a playoff system?

An 8 team playoff would mean that 2 teams play one more game per year than they would normally, and 2 teams would play two extra games.

Other divisions in college football have a playoff system, so why not Division 1?

The truth is that it is time for the college football championship to be decided on the field and not in a computer.

So we need to start demanding a playoff system by using our boycott power.

If nobody watched the bowl games and nobody attended them then the powers that be would be forced into a change.

So perhaps it is time to send a message.

No more BCS!

We want a change.

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