Sunday, January 25, 2009

Barack Obama's #1 Republican Ally: John McCain

Now that the election is over, what was evident to many Americans is now becoming crystal clear - there never were major differences between Barack Obama and John McCain, and they would be working closely together no matter who was elected.

Some Americans are acting like this is a surprise. For example, NewsMax thought they would shock the internet with this headline: "McCain Now Obama's No. 1 Senate Ally", but the article was mostly met with a big yawn.


Because everyone already knows this.

Let's review some of their areas of agreement.....

#1) Foreign Policy - McCain is absolutely thrilled with Obama's cabinet appointments in this area. In addition, it only took Obama 3 days to launch his first military strike in Pakistan which is another move that McCain will undoubtedly get behind.

#2) Economic Policy - Both candidates supported that bailout, remember? In fact, both pushed their parties very hard to bail out Wall Street. To combat the current economic crisis, both candidates proposed radical, almost socialist, measures during the campaign. McCain shows no signs of opposing Obama's economic policy at all.

#3) Immigration Policy - Conservatives consider both Obama and McCain to be incredibly soft on immigration. Both have worked for the passage of a liberal immigration reform bill in the past, and both undoubtedly will in the future.

#4) Social Issues - Both candidates were "officially" against same sex marriage, but both of them have worked hard to advance the gay political agenda in the Senate. Even though McCain is supposed to be "pro-life", he ran campaign ads that highlighted his support for embryonic stem cell research, and that is an issue where he is in complete agreement with Obama.

#5) Environment - John McCain is so liberal on global warming that he could virtually be called the Republican version of Al Gore. Obama has declared that global warming will be a very important priority for his administration, and he will likely find no greater supporter among Republicans than John McCain.

The truth is that John McCain has almost worked more closely with the Democrats during his years in the Senate than he has with Republicans. There is not a single major area of Barack Obama's agenda that it looks like John McCain will oppose.

So there you go America.

John McCain - one of Barack Obama's biggest supporters.

The reality is that John McCain is not a conservative and he never was.

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