Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Bailout Bill Has Gone From 3 Pages To 451 Pages

The bailout bill has now offically become a circus. It has gone from 3 pages to about a hundred pages to currently 451 pages. It is now absolutely dripping with earmarks and other pork.

The following are some of the earmarks included and the page they are on:

- Film and Television Productions (Sec. 502)
- Wooden Arrows designed for use by children (Sec. 503)
- 6 page package of earmarks for litigants in the 1989 Exxon Valdez incident, Alaska (Sec. 504)
- Virgin Island and Puerto Rican Rum (Section 308)
- American Samoa (Sec. 309)
- Mine Rescue Teams (Sec. 310)
- Mine Safety Equipment (Sec. 311)
- Domestic Production Activities in Puerto Rico (Sec. 312)
- Indian Tribes (Sec. 314, 315)
- Railroads (Sec. 316)
- Auto Racing Tracks (317)
- District of Columbia (Sec. 322)
- Wool Research (Sec. 325)

You can find the text of the bailout bill here:

I guess Congress figured that since we are passing out $700 billion to Wall Street we should pass out a bunch of money to other worthy "causes" as well.

Does anyone still debate that our government is broken? How long are the American people going to put up with this type of nonsense?

How long are we going to continue to spend the money of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren - stealing the future from them for our own greedy desires?

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  1. We've made a permanent list of every betrayal of the people by the Congress.

    It's at:

    It'll be updated every time a roll call for the Bailout Bill moves through the legislature.

    Let's never forget the traitors who're sticking this to us.