Friday, October 3, 2008

If Americans Are AntiWar Why Are Our Candidates Warmongers?

Americans are overwhelmingly against the Iraq war and want our troops to be brought home. Americans are tired of war and they don't want to police the world and they don't want to put our troops into dozens of countries.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll from August 29-31 asked the following question:

"Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?"

The results?

Favor the war: 35%
Oppose the war: 64%
Unsure: 1%

Americans do not support this war and they want these endless wars to end.

So, that seems clear enough.

But then why are both presidential candidates and both vice-presidential candidates such total warmongers?

We already know about McCain/Palin - they want to leave troops in Iraq forever, McCain sings songs about bombing Iran, they want to do a "surge" in Afghanistan and they do not pretend to hide their intense hatred of Russia.

So Obama/Biden is the anti-war choice, right?


Did you see the debate last night?

Obama and Biden can't wait to commit American troops to more places.

Yes, they talk about withdrawing SOME of the troops from Iraq "eventually".....

But they also talk about sending 10,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

They openly talk about bombing and attacking Pakistan.

They talk about how war may be needed with Iran.

They talk about how they would commit American troops to Sudan.

They talk about how we should have sent troops to Lebanon.

And they openly threaten Russia every chance they get.


No, Obama and Biden are warmongers just like McCain and Palin are.

When are the American people going to get sick of this nonsense and start demanding that the politicians do what they want?

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