Sunday, October 5, 2008

If We Are Planning On "Leaving Iraq" Then Why Are We Building The Largest Embassy In The History Of The World There?

Do you know about the gigantic mega-fortress of an embassy that America is building in Iraq?

Work on the 104 acre complex, known to Iraqis as "George Bush's Palace", is supposed to be a secret, but it is impossible to disguise the cranes dominating the Baghdad skyline.

The new United States Embassy in Iraq was originally scheduled to cost 592 million dollars to build and it will be the largest embassy in the history of the earth.

However, due to delays for various reasons, the cost of the embassy has soared way beyond 592 million dollars. The estimated final construction cost is now estimated at over 700 million dollars, and it will cost more than a billion dollars a year to maintain.

This "embassy" will essentially be a small fortress city, with office buildings, a school, 6 apartment buildings, a recreation building with a gym, an "American Club", a commissary, a food court, a movie theater, tennis courts and beauty shops.

Why doesn't America take care of their people at home? Why is America so fixated on pouring billions of dollars into Iraq?

Why does it look like America has no intention on EVER leaving Iraq?

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