Friday, November 21, 2008

Does Barack Obama Have A Solution For The Auto Industry Crisis?

Will The Auto Industry Go Under?

*Barack Obama's transition team is supposedly exploring the idea of a swift, prepackaged bankruptcy for automakers as a possible solution to the auto industry's financial crisis.

*Some analysts fear that a loss of GM, Ford or Chrysler would take the U.S. into another depression.

Hillary Clinton - Secretary Of State

*USAToday is reporting that president-elect Barack Obama plans to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as secretary of state as early as next week.

Big Brother News

*Go back to sleep and don't worry - Big Brother only wants to help you.

*Newly revealed files show that Maryland police spied on a variety of activist groups in the past few years.

*But can Big Brother protect himself? Experts are now telling us that China's hackers are stealing U.S. defense secrets.

Is This Change?

*If you have time, read this interesting article: "This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House"

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