Thursday, November 20, 2008

Students Hired As Spies?

Canada Is Getting Weird

*One university in Canada has hired student spies to listen to the conversations of their fellow students and to step in when they overhear homophobic slurs, remarks bashing women or racially tinged insults, along with any other language that could be deemed offensive.

It appears that spies are everywhere, eh?

The Ideal Global Citizen?

*You know things are getting bad when articles like this start popping up in the major newspapers of the world: "Properties Of The Ideal Global Citizen"

What Is Obama Doing?

*Barack Obama's new healthcare plan appears to mandate that all citizens buy expensive, overpriced health insurance - even if they don't need it!

*Barack Obama promised change, so why is he filling up his administration with insiders?

Bad Economic News

*The Federal Reserve is telling us that the economy is going to get worse.

*Lastly, consumer prices in October fell at a record pace while builders broke ground on the fewest new homes ever. Are the bad times just beginning?

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