Sunday, November 2, 2008

A New Shocking Revelation About Obama's Pal Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers Dedicated A Book To Sirhan Sirhan?

*Barack Obama's terrorist friend Bill Ayers once dedicated a book to Robert F. Kennedy's assassin - Sirhan Sirhan.

Barack Obama Seems Quite Confident - But What Happens If He Loses?

*Barack Obama's bold promise: "I Will Change The World"

*Would an Obama loss in the election cause "blood to run in the streets"?

*Barack Obama has deployed an "army of lawyers" down to Florida. It looks like he does not plan to be the next Al Gore.....

Warmonger Petraeus?

*General David Petraeus says that he is planning more cross border raids. Is he completely insane?

The Gay Agenda Advances

*A kindergarten teacher at a public school in California encouraged her kindergarten students to sign "pledge cards" in support of homosexual rights. Is this actually happening in the United States of America? What in the world is happening?

*Will Barack Obama keep his campaign promise to require "gay" adoption in all fifty states?


  1. So Ayers is a "pal" of Obama's? Sounds like just another GOP talking point to me...

    And we are supposed to be shocked about something Ayers wrote in the 60s? And at that, to pick out the dedication to RFK's "killer" (actually the designated patsy in an organized hit) is simply bizarre.

    Check out the 9 part talk about the RFK assasination on YouTube by the late Larry Teeter for some very interesting background.

  2. This is a GOP talking and I am tired of their racism and their facism makes me want to throw up. They are liars and want a one party system with voter purging, etc. I am tired of the religious right They think they are the only ones in the world. Racism and Facism rhyme and republicans do both. The Pal thing is from the 60s. Obama was 8. I have friends in all colors. As far as JFK the CIA shot him.