Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 Reasons Why California Is Now America's National Nightmare

For decades, Americans flocked to the state of California in droves. Not anymore. Now many Americans can't wait to get out of that state. For the 4th year in a row, more Americans have left California than moved there from other states.

The truth is that California is quickly becoming a total nightmare, and all of the sunny weather, sandy beaches and Hollywood stars are not enough to keep people there anymore.

The following are ten reasons why California has now become America's national nightmare.....

#1) California's overstretched emergency healthcare system is on the verge of absolute collapse. Dozens of hospitals and emergency rooms have shut down in the last decade. Many emergency rooms simply could not afford to stay open as they were swamped with immigrants and poor and homeless who were not able to pay for the services they were getting.

This had led to brutally long waits, diverted ambulances and even patient deaths as emergency rooms are just way, way too crowded.

#2) Tax refunds are now on hold in California for the very first time in the history of that state. According to ABC News, Hallye Jordan, spokeswoman for California State Controller John Chiang said this about the situation.....

"Unfortunately, we have asked the California Franchise Tax Board not to send over tax refund claims beginning today because we will not be able to process them and have them out the door by Feb. 1 when a 30-day delay in tax refunds goes into effect."

#3) The unemployment rate in California is 8.4 percent and rising.

#4) Due to very high taxes and crippling housing costs, the cost of living in California is outrageous.

#5) Rampant gangs and increasing crime is making California an increasingly dangerous place to live.

#6) The traffic in the major cities is absolutely suffocating.

#7) An all time record of 236,000 foreclosures have been projected in California for 2008, more than the entire prior nine years combined, according to the research firm MDA DataQuick.

#8) Each year there are the thousands of devastating wildfires in the state.

#9) Each year there are endless earthquakes, and the "big one" could hit at any time.

#10) In addition, California officials say that the drought in 2009 may be the worst in California history.

Can things get much worse for the sunshine state?

Why do you think all of this is happening to California?

Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.....

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