Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 Pictures Of "Cool" Obama - Is Barack The Coolest President Ever?

Is Barack Obama the "coolest" president that the United States has ever had? Certainly after George W. Bush just about ANY president would seem cooler. Perhaps Bill Clinton or John F. Kennedy could rival Obama in the "coolness" department, but as the following pictures reveal, Obama brings a level of "cool" to the White House that we have rarely seen before.....

#1 Obama The Winner

#2 Fist Bumping Obama

#3 Obama At Breakfast

#4 Obama Even Looks Cool In Church

#5 Obama In Charge

#6 Young Obama Looking Cool With A Cigarette

So again I ask you.....have we ever had a "cooler" president?

-Please note that all pictures in this article have a "creative commons" license.

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