Saturday, November 28, 2009

Will Conservative Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman Run For President In 2012?

Will conservative Republican firebrand Michele Bachmann run for president in 2012? That is what many in the tea party movement are hoping for. The truth is that many in the tea party movement are as sick of many of the Republicans as they are the Democrats. As many Republicans have betrayed their own constituents by voting for Obamacare, cap and trade, Wall Street bailouts and other points on the liberal agenda, true conservative voters have become increasingly angry. Many are looking for a true conservative to back in 2012, but there just are not that many out there. Most of the Republicans that are commonly mentioned as possibilities to run against Obama have huge problems.

However Michele Bachmann is quite different. An articulate leader who is respected by the tea party movement, Michele has been desperately fighting Obamacare, cap and trade and the bailouts while other Republicans have dropped the ball. The tea party movement has responded by making her one of the most popular members of Congress in Washington. Now there is even a new website that seeks to enlist her to run for president in 2012.....

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