Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nine Days Before He Accepts A Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama Has Decided To Send 30,000 More Troops To Afghanistan

Nine days before he travels to Oslo, Norway to accept a Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama is sending 30,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan. This is one top of 20,000 additional troops that he has already sent since he became president. Obama plans to justify this move to his constituents by telling them that these troops will help end the war sooner and that he has definite plans to end the war in Afghanistan and withdraw most U.S. troops from that nation within three years. This new troop deployment will increase the total U.S. commitment in Afghanistan to approximately 100,000 troops - roughly double the amount that George W. Bush had ever committed to that war. Sending these 30,000 additional troops is expected to cost the U.S. government an extra 30 billion dollars a year.

Wait a second - isn't this the same guy who promised to end these wars as soon as he became president?

Now he is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan?

Don't "anti-War" liberal feel betrayed?

Will they now take to the streets and call for Obama to resign?

No, of course they won't.

They will fall in line and worship Obama as they always do.

The truth is that most "anti-War" liberals are a bunch of personality cultists who have sold out a long time ago.

Most of them will go along with whatever Obama decides to do.


Because he is the leader of "their team", and they have been taught to pin all of their hopes and dreams on him.

Just like most Republicans continued to support George W. Bush even when he kept making bad decision after bad decision.

The truth is that most Americans do not stand for anything anymore. Rather, most Americans are "personality cultists" who follow the leader of their "political team" no matter what they do.

It would be a grand day in America when people start waking up and start thinking for themselves again.

But instead it is likely that almost everyone will continue to be think and feel what the television tells them to think and feel.

And that is very unfortunate.

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