Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama Will Be Re-elected By Republicans‏?

I suggest that Mr. Obama will be re-elected. Why? Because the Republicans chose not to put a very valid candidate against him.

Republicans did it to themselves.

It is like flipping a coin. Heads I win, tails you lose.  

Then there is the Dr. Ron Paul incident at the Tampa convention. Change the rules on a voice vote? You have to be kidding me . . .  

Nothing they could ever have dreamed of could have alienated more   Republicans than that voice vote.  

When you have 2 million potential video recordings of the "voice vote" on everyone's telephone promptly uploaded to websites, what part of "cheating" does Mr. Boehner not understand? All anyone has in this world is an honest name. What that name means is everything. Are you honest or dishonest, what does that name mean to you?  

Mr. Boehner's name is not a good one at this point in time after what was done at the Tampa Convention. Everyone that is Republican and a supporter of Dr. Paul is going to the voting booth in November. Guess who I would vote for? It isn't Mr. Romney at this point in time. It was obvious cheating and they both knew it. Mr. Romney and Mr. Boehner staged it as the teleprompter confirmed. U-tube is full of it. The voice vote went down as the majority of people voted it down.  

So do you vote for the devil that you have, or the devil that you do not know? If they had not cheated then Mr. Romney might have had a chance.  

As it stands, anything the man has to say has to be considered less than truthful at this point in time. He has invalidated his own election attempt with that voice vote.  

Only Obama can get him elected President. Again, why are people so disrespectful that they have to consistently tell less than the truth when they speak? All Mr. Obama has to do is let the Republicans hang themselves with their own words. Simply point out the inaccuracies of their advertisements to the people. And he will get re-elected.  

What do the Republicans have to gain by losing? I suggest they hope to gain both houses of Congress in the next two years if history serves.  

They are hoping bad management will get them back in power.  

All I can say is, I won't vote for Mr. Boehner after his act at the Republican Convention. I would have until I saw that action. He danced very well in step with the Romney group. It was disgusting. It was political machine politics. I am ashamed that Mr. Boehner came from Ohio.  

(authored by Dave Webb, Democrat)

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